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How to Recover with only a week between Half Ironmans

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So backing up the very next weekend after Portland Rev3 Half Ironman last Sunday at Vineman 70.3 Half Ironman this Sunday was going to mean that the 6 days in between were all about recovery.

It’s now Saturday and my legs are feeling not to bad; Here’s what I’ve done:

Sunday after the race: RecoveryPump had a display stand at Rev3 and about 15min after finishing I was sitting in a set of their recovery boots drinking water and Musclemilk. I did a short 15min spin on the bike about an hour after the race. Then it was on with my Under Armour Recharge Compression Socks and then that night I put on my Under Armour Recharge Energy Suit. I had a couple of alcolhol-free beers and a good steak burger.

Monday: Legs were feeling pretty sore today; R piriformis was tight as was my R calf. I didn’t do much all day; I got out on the feet and did a bit of walking, and a bit of light stretching, but other than that I put the feet up and rested. I got myself some kinesio-tape and with the help of ‘Dr’ Bruce Hunter I taped my piriformis they way the Doc in Germany had.

Tuesday: Travel day; Out the door at 7.20am and dragged my bag to the tram-stop, then onto the MAX train; then to the checkin counter at Portland Airport for my 10.20am flight to Santa Rosa. Got pick-up my my home-stay host Robert, who has been an awesome host. I went out for a walk that afternoon for about 40min. Had a 50min power-nap late that arvo. That evening at 6pm went went to the River (where the Vineman swim will be) and did an 50min swim; I did a lot of kicking and drill. I found that my arms and upper-body were pretty good (Having swum the Rev3 at a pace within my ability; or suggesting I may have swum to easily); I could feel my legs were tight but the cold water and the kick-drills felt good. We then drove over the Vineman bike course to check it 0ut.. Ouch!

Wednesday: Had a good sleep in and after breakie I put my bike together and headed out for a 2hr spin. I cycled from Sebastopol up to Windsor where T2 and the run course for the Vineman will be. I cycled over the run course (Ouch and the bike Ouch!.. although it could be worse) before spinning back home with a few short efforts to test the legs… They didn’t have much in them but were feeling better than yesterday.

Thursday: Another good sleep in and then late morning it was down to the Sebastopol Outdoor Swimming Pool; a little gem in this town. I spent an hour in the water, swam about 3k in total with lots of drill and kicking. Out of the water I spent about 45min stretching both under-body and the legs. Rested that afternoon.

Friday: Getting use to these sleep ins by now… Back down pool and pretty much the same as yesterday with a hour of swimming; this time with a few short efforts in the pool and then got out and stretched for 30min or so. After lunch I put my race wheels on and headed out on the bike to test to make sure that all was working so I don’t have the issues I had in Portland… I did 30min on the bike with a few short 1min bursts and a 5min TT at race pace; the legs were feeling a lot better today. Off the bike I put the Avia Bolt’s on and did a 10min run with a few 100m stride outs on a downhill gradient. I could feel my piriformis and right calf were tight but a lot better than earlier in the week. I had a good stretch afterwards. That night my host Robert took me to his friends place and we a dinner-party with a few of his friends who are doing the race on Sunday; Some good BBQ’d salmon.

Saturday: Yep, a sleep in til 9am again… Legs are feeling pretty good today.Pretty much just laid around the house all day until 1.30pm when Robert and I went into Windsor for the Race Briefings and Registration. Back home at 4pm I went off to Vigil Holy Mass here in Sebastopol. I then had my host ‘Dr’ Robert help me put on a new taping of kinesio-tape which I’ll race with. A good feed of potatos for dinner and then off to bed as we have an early morning (and I’ve got use to these sleep in!)… It will be up at 4.45am, a bowl of porridge, out the door at 5.00am… Race start at 6.30am!

So thats my week in getting myself recovered and prepared to back-up. Lets see if it works aye! :-)

I’ve got no expectations for this race; the Pro field is stacked with all the top American including Andy Potts, Matt Reed and Tim O’Donnell. Although I never had it down as a goal, any dreaming thoughts of making the Top-8 and prize-money were killed when I saw the start-list. This is very much a learning race for me; It’s all about seeing how the body backs up and what I’m capable of doing. I’m going to push a little harder in the swim but apart from that I’ll pace myself on the bike and run so that I cross the finsihline with as fast a time as possible within blowing up and DNFing… There’s no need to me to over do it if I’m battling for the minor places… There are races where I have more chance making the money coming up in the months ahead.

Live Tracking and results are at: www.ironmanlive.com – Vineman 70.3, California.

Wish me luck!








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